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About Atelier L

A history of creation

Stéphanie Lachaîne discovered her passion for upholstery. Her sense of design, her determination to promote local products and her avant-garde nature have led her to develop and diversify Atelier L over the past few years. Innovative, dedicated and attentive to her clients, she will advise you throughout your project.

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Why entrust us with your projects?

Unique style. Quality.

Atelier L is there to give life to your most beautiful treasures, to make a new custom-made furniture or to add a little je-ne-sais-quoi to your decor!

As the saying goes “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”, Atelier L offers to give a second life and style to your furniture and accessories or to design unique custom-made pieces.

Atelier L buys from local merchants to encourage the local economy while promoting ecological awareness for sustainable development.

Atelier L is not only a service company, we are also a distributor of high quality fabrics, wallpapers and fashion accessories of all kinds to embellish your home.

Why choose Atelier L ? because we have a unique style, because we work only with quality materials, because we work in an eco-responsible way

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Notre équipe

Voici nos experts

Stéphanie Lachaine

Directice • Conception • Confection

Annick Levasseur

Adjointe à la direction





Parcel pick-up point

You can pick up your packages in person during our business hours, safely and without hassle. We are here to make your delivery experience easier, whether it’s for your personal or business needs.