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Our services for designers

Services according to your needs

Whether it is for indoor and outdoor furniture or fashion accessories, our team of specialists can produce what you need!

Find THE unique piece of furniture in our showroom or simply have it custom built.

Upholstery for furniture

Specialists in upholstery, our team can improve the comfort and style of your furniture with this personalized service.

Creation of custom furniture

If you need sofas, tables, benches or chairs we can do it all! Contact us to discuss your vision and the possibilities!

Ready-to-go accessories range

Available online or in our boutique, we offer a wide range of fashionable accessories such as headboards, cushions, ottomans, benches and materials at excellent prices. Let's enhance your decor together.

Parcel pick-up point

You can pick up your packages in person during our business hours, safely and without hassle. We are here to make your delivery experience easier, whether it’s for your personal or business needs.